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Saint-Malo Street

Installation Brest - 2002

The proposal was made to me in 2001, following the success of the "Blue Line",

by an association from Rennes which offers “cartes blanches” to artists to perform in the famous rue Saint-Malo, in Brest.

I meet Mireille of course, who talks to me about wooden clog racing

than childrenput in place on the water of the washing place, higher up, which was released from time to time.

I imagine these wooden boats in the shape of a foot running along the street.

I had a little paint left from the Blue Line, I knew how to do the steps.

I proposed and set up another blue line, smaller, for free, qui has nothing to do with that of 2000.


Here, it is a fine line of water, which follows the street, up to the building with the lions, before flowing into the Penfeld. Curiously, they are also children, but on roller skates following the thread of the story.

Superb landscape that this street, that this wall of the ground of the Madeleine, that this prison Pontaniou,

than these rare cobblestones, a landscape that is both dramatic and joyful.


“And in the middle flows the river” said one article.

It still makes Montana, Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer and Robert Redford dream.


Rene Tanguy

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