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Journey and achievements


"The Changing City"


Work carried out with the architect Sylvain Le Stum aiming to make visible the historical buildings and changes in the city of Brest.


"The Woman

Who Remains"


Intervention "The Woman Who Remains"

performed in Paimpol.


"The Blue Line revisited by the French Navy"


The story of "The Blue line" continues

in the heart of the Brest arsenal...




Artist residency in Mali, at the French Cultural Center in Bamako.


"The Woman

Who Remains"


Intervention "The Woman Who Remains",

performed free of charge on the cypresses

of the Marine Academy garden, Brest, 2002.


"Rue Saint-Malo"


Intervention carried out free of charge following at the request of associations

"Vivre la rue" and "Libre Echange".


"The Blue Line"


Materialized by a line of blue paint that extends over 7 kilometers, "The blue line" follows as closely as possible the lines of the old ramparts of the city of Brest.

photo Gwenaëlle Magadur.jpeg

Gwenaelle Magadur

The primal trait

"With Gwenaelle Magadur, it may well be that the beginning was a trait.

A primal trait, as one utters the cry that shakes destiny.

And the rest, whether it's about capturing the essence of the gesture,

the fluidity of the water, the circulation of air in foliage

or the expressive magic of the soloist on a stage, is only the meticulous deciphering,

day after day, sign after sign, of the beauty and pain of being in the world. 


It is in the intimate paleography, imagining what adorns his “original Lascaux”,

that it is necessary to understand the approach and the falsely polyphonic language

and very coherent of Gwen. This long homogeneous quest finds its energy

in the incompleteness that moves us, confuses us and fulfills us.

It begins with a rustling, a scratching, when the pencil runs

on the immaculate sheet, in the footsteps of a walker, as soon as the brush slips

closer to a dancer. But that sharp look can also scratch steel

or reach the size of a city, when the fabulous intuition takes him

to tattoo a 7 kilometer blue story on the body of an amnesic city,

orphan of the memory of its stones. 


Lines of force, line of life, but never line of flight in this artist of character,

will and conviction. The movement continues here, immediately, now… 

Because existence is barely big enough for that trip."


Author : Jean-Luc Germain; Photography : Gildas Bénéat at Vauban, Brest 2022.

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