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The French Navy revisits The Blue Line
Brest - 2004

No, it's not a hoax.

Following my installation entitled "The Blue Line", presented briefly on this site, 

I learned, by chance, in 2004, that the Navy of Brest had traced

the same line as me, of the same color, of the same width, to, this time, delimit the territories which it rented with the old DCNS become Thalès.

I loved ! I immediately contacted the institutions concerned,

as shown the Telegram press article.

Knowing the pragmatic and direct spirit of the Navy, I was particularly honored to see

that she had seen in this blue sign, a strong, simple and precise mark which would be clearly interpreted

by everyone, which signified a particular, fundamental and unequivocal intention.

I love working with the military. I had already approached them in 2000 to ask their authorization

to paint on a wall that belonged to them at the time, rearguard gate.

The welcome was direct, simple and warm, as I like them, the welcome I mean.

They accepted right away. I still remember the officer's remark.

I learned to know and appreciate their deep respect for the heritage that belongs to them.

I love this frank, no frills spirit, which reflects these watchwords of their ships: Honor, Fatherland, Valor and Discipline.

My parents were soldiers, nursing staff. I think I inherited some of those military chromosomes, although I think I forged my own discipline.

Article from Ouest-France:



Gwenaelle Magadur

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