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The Blue Line



This is to provoke a reaction not just with eyes

in front of a sheet, or a canvas,

but with all his being in the space that surrounds us.

Embrace the proposaland let goto an emotion, however small.

I was able, so far, to do it in Brittany.

I hope one day to be able to make it beyond that.


The Blue Line

Materialized by a line of blue paint

which extends over 7 kilometers,

the Blue Line follows the lines of the old ramparts as closely as possibleof the city of Brest.

St. Malo Street

When the washing place at the top of the street was still working, the water was released regularly.

She was going down the slope, in the middle of the street.

On this stream, the children of the neighborhood put a wooden shoe on it, the first to arrive!

05 ST-MALO.jpg
bamako mali.png

Artist residency
in Bamako


Following a first stay in 2002 in Mali, during the Bamako African Photography Encounters, I was invited by the French cultural center to come and work in a visual artist residency.

The Woman Who Remains 

During the Cutty Sark, words written on handkerchiefs, hanging from a clothesline, come to symbolize the relationship between a man and a woman...

MOUCHOIRS 1 gd.jpg
La Marine nationale, ligne bleue, Gwenaëlle Magadur.jpg

The French Navy 
revisit The Blue Line


Following my installation entitled " The Blue Line", presented briefly on this site,

I learned, by chance, in 2004, that the Navy of Brest had drawn the same line as me to delimit the territories that it rented from the former DCNS which became Thalès...

The Woman Who Remains

Once again, the woman, on the port, comes to hang out her washing, her sorrows, her bitterness.
She must hold on, stay to maintain the tradition, the family while the man is gone

towards "those luring horizons"...


The changing city
Visual artist/architect residency


I contacted the Drac Bretagne to offer them a residence in Brest.

In the architecture department, I met Mr. Denis-Marie Lahellec, in charge of the department, who was very enthusiastic. He offered me a joint visual artist-architect residency...

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