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The changing city 

Joint residence with the architect Sylvain Le Stum

I contacted the Drac Bretagne to offer them a residence in Brest.

In the architecture department, I met Mr. Denis-Marie Lahellec, in charge of the department, who was very enthusiastic.

He offered me a joint visual artist-architect residency.

I met Sylvain Le Stum, architect, became a friend.

We proposed the residency to the city of Brest: “the changing city”. She answered in the affirmative.

Our objective: to show how a city evolves, forges, moves, breaks, then rebuilds itself.

We made about ten proposals which had the particularity of each operating on both shores

of La Penfeld.

This work was exhibited at the city center library before she came to the plateau des Capucins.

The Artothèque de Brest bought us a print of a flagship proposal, bringing together 2 emblematic districts

of the construction of Brest: the 7 Saints district, which no longer exists today, and the Recouvrance district

which underwent an incredible transformation after the war.

This print can be borrowed at will from the Art library of Brest, near the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Brest.


None of our proposals caught the city's attention.

Too bad, they could have had the best effect during the Brest International Maritime Festival,

or simply views of the National Maritime Museum in Brest.

Some numbers



Gwenaëlle Magadur and Sylvain Le Stum

Arthotèque de Brest Magadur.jpeg
Arthothèque de Brest Gwenaëlle Magadur.jpeg
Bibliothèque Neptune.jpeg

Work exhibited at the Artothèque in Brest and the Neptune library today at the Capucins.

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