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The Blue Line

Installation in Brest - 2000

Before talking about the reason for this work, I just wanted to tell you that this incredible installation forged me,

as an artist, from his conception until today. 

Like a deep tattoo, I know that this work has been, is, and will always be at work in my heart,

in my body, in my blood, in the depths of my whole being.

In 1998, I had the absurd idea of materializing the intramural space of the city of Brest

by a continuous line of paint on the ground, in order to propose a new path for everyone,

in his daily life, draws in turn, through his body... the founding space of today's city.

I proposed it to the city which accepted by an agreement.

I was financially supported by her as well as by the Brittany region and the department of Finistère.


In my graphic language, the city is a drawing, born of the vital displacement of these inhabitants.

I could talk to you about it for hours. I am told that no one reads on the net anymore.

So I'm just going to show you some visuals that speak for themselves I think.

I am the sole author of this work. It took me two years to get the"yes"; from the city.

The thickness of the press kit, which I put together alone, shows the still active potential of this work.


I developed my approach in a book co-written with Jean-Manuel Warnet :

Brest Palimpseste, published by Dynamo, available at the Dialogues bookstore in Brest, a whole program.

I hope with all my heart that this work will have a sequel, it has the potential! 

If only to be able to draw part of the Line at the foot of the American monument...

The road technicians thought that this soil was American territory…?

In any case, I wanted to warmly thank the road technicians who accompanied me on this route, for their professionalism, their good humor and their attention to the project.

Some numbers

Sans titre - 1_Plan de travail 1.png


The blue line closely follows

the layout of the city walls,

she spans 7.5 kilometers.

Sans titre - 1_Plan de travail 1 copie.png


This is the number of feet  to travel the blue line in English style.

Sans titre - 1.png


The realization of the blue line to necessity 1.5 tons blue acrylic paint.

Some numbers


Discover the book


The Blue Line

Brest Palimpsests

One day in the year 2000, the inhabitants of Brest discovered a line of blue paint on the sidewalks of the city. Seemingly without beginning or end, running as far as the eye can see and the pace. A new bike path? Another parking area? This blue line is a mystery that makes people talk.

Résumé graphique d'une mutation :


Gwenaëlle Magadur and René Tanguy

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