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The Woman Who Remains

Marine Academy Garden - 2002

During yet another demonstration on sailing boats, sailors, sea shanties…

want to talk about the place of women in this story. Of the one who is nailed to the ground,

because she is a woman and she has to keep the house, raise the children...


Want to talk about women as Gainsbourg talks about, in his "chic underwear",

“the modesty of feelings made up outrageously blood red”.

I have always been very moved by an image that one can find banal,

but which I find incredibly provocative and naive at the same time, laundry stretched out on threads.


You must have seen this, pants, skirts, panties, socks,

of “ordinary” people, more or less, who show their underside, behind a house, a garden, a balcony.

This immodest linen that speaks modestly of their life, their work,

of their way of being, in the most intimate part of their body.


I wanted to talk about the "Woman who stays"; like that,

"outrageously made up in blood red",without thinking about it.

Want to talk about this woman who projects words, written on handkerchiefs.

Handkerchiefs for the tears, the sweat, the sorrows, which hide what stirs, which must be silenced.

"continue", "hold", "lie", "carry", ... and come and hang these heavy weights

with all the lightness of laundry that dries, that dries up all this moisture, under our dry eyes.


Rene Tanguy

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