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Artist residency

French Cultural Center of Bamako - 2002

Following a first stay in 2002 in Mali,

during the Bamako African Photography Encounters,

I was invited by the French cultural center   to come and work as a visual artist in residence.

I loved this work environment: immersing yourself in a foreign culture,

its cuisine, its perfumes, its colours,… meeting the Other in every sense of the word.

If you want to invite me to come and work abroad, a priori, I'll be more willing!

In Mali, I was challenged by these very small architectures made of corrugated metal plates, juggling along the side of the roads and which draw striped masses in all directions.

This assembly which can be a house, a business, a shelter, abandoned or not.

He talks about the ingenuity and poverty of Africa, of the D system, so much praised by M (Mathieu Chédid).


I have seen so much elegance in this country.


Gwenaelle Magadur

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